What is the CBTC?

The Canadian Brain Tumour Consortium (CBTC) creates value for its members, the industry and various cooperative groups by existing as a national investigator network of over 40 brain tumour specialists and researchers treating both pediatric and adult patients with brain tumour. The goal of the CBTC is to develop and promote multi-centre brain tumour research projects in Canada. The CBTC was established in 1998 and became a non-profit corporation in 1999. A professional, business-like approach enables the CBTC to partner effectively with industry to evaluate and execute clinical trials of promising new agents in a timely and cost-effective manner. By drawing together experts from across the country along with large patient pools, the CBTC can carry out large-scale, independent research studies not easily conquered by any single centre.

Furthermore, as an integral pillar of the Canadian Brain Tumour Network (CBTNet), CBTC is poised to facilitate and conduct translational research projects generated by Canadian brain tumour researchers.

Principle Aims:

  1. understand the burden of brain tumour in Canada
  2. understand current practice in brain tumour in Canada
  3. promote Canadian brain tumour research locally and internationally
  4. disseminate knowledge about the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumour
  5. influence government policy
  6. work in cooperation with Industry, national and international groups toward a cure for brain tumours
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